Entry #3

Important question

2016-11-11 17:21:06 by Sylv3ster

should i give up making music on newgrounds?


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2016-11-12 16:24:10

Well why should you?

Though this now begs the question, what are you making music for? For passion, or simply for notoriety and fame?

It is natural to want to be recognised but in order to do so, we should perfect our craft, and have a unique flavour about ourselves and the way we present ourselves. And most of all, we should really feel what we do. People seeing how we feel will gain that buzz from our expression, the way we speak, etc. They will know, oh, this is someone we should listen to.

Sylv3ster responds:

well... i kind of do it for both-- i make music because it's fun, but i also want to be known for it.
but i feel like that's virtually impossible for me to actually have myself known out there in the music community; i tried soundcloud, youtube, and now newgrounds, but i could never reach my goal of being noticed.


2016-11-14 13:03:24

Never do that, that's what we all struggle right? You might not be noticed right now but you know you can always get better


2016-11-14 18:35:44

What was your expected time frame between starting music and getting noticed? It is a common pitfall which even I once fell into.

Sylv3ster responds:

I... don't know honestly.


2016-11-26 12:46:56

Do you want to make music? Do you like making music? If the answer's yes, then just keep going! Art's all about expressing yourself, no matter how others perceive that expression. Some people don't get noticed even during their entire lifetime... but hopefully that's not the case for you. ;) Just give it a few years.

Sylv3ster responds:

okay! thank you! :)


2017-02-19 13:38:13

Not at all. Your art is awesome too


2017-02-20 22:24:10

I'm gonna be honest :


Man, your things are really peaceful sometimes, i heard it Antartica today, and it was peaceful in the start.

And i'm gonna heard the others too.

I mean, look my shit,


You can make it better, but today, looks awesome to me.

Make music is fun, really peaciful, don't leave that

Sorry for my english by the way. ^^